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“This is a nice comprehensive collection, with difficult to find shots such as the kite courtship displays.  I found your narrative to be very valuable, with lots of information that I didn’t know.  Your voice is easy to listen to, and it adds to the story…”
Steven Siegel Florida Wildlife Videographer
These videos are great teaching aids.  “I envy the new birders who get a head start in their birding careers because of your efforts.  Such a fine learning tool.” 
Marv Breece Washington State Big Year Record Holder, 2001-2011
As a birder who has participated in over 30 Audubon bird counts, I find Avian Spectrum’s portfolio of birds in motion to be a delightful and practical way to watch birds and to learn more about them. In the field it’s difficult to observe flight patterns, as well as feeding, breeding and nesting behaviors, not to mention hearing a bird’s songs and calls. It’s all here in the videos, many of which include close-up shots. And Bob’s narrative explains what we’re seeing. It’s like taking a tour with a guide who provides information you won’t find in a field guide. I learned that some Canada geese collect the offspring of more submissive parents, to gain a brood of 20 or more goslings. You might want to keep the pause button handy to observe the eye stripe of a blue-throated hummingbird, the profile of a green kingfisher and certainly to study the range maps. This is a unique video encyclopedia of North American birds.
Kit Muehlman
You have put an enormous amount of time and energy into this project. There are some birds that I either never heard of or never paid much attention to.
Mike Hamiliton
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